Gear Centre


We are the only official “Bauer Gear Center” in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
and offer you a correct repair with original parts from our large stock of ± 100,000 pieces.

Don’t lose efficiency.

The advantage of having a large stock is that we are able to resolve all sorts of problems in a small amount of time.

This gives us the possibility to fast assemble emergencies in house or on location, making sure you keep working as efficient as possible.

1 Year warranty.

Because we only use Bauer official and original parts,
we offer a warranty of 1 year* on all of our repairs. This means you can relax while the machine does all the work.

*The 1 year warranty is only valid when the repaired machine is used in regular/normal conditions.

We keep investing.

Because technology continues to evolve, we are not standing still. In addition to our regular warehouse space, we have installed another 2 Kardex roll magazines.

We also have a new fully automatic washing machine with a capacity of up to ± 1500 kg. All repairs are stripped of oil, grease and other substances.

This means you will get a nearly new geared motor back.

Contact us.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us, we will do our best to give you the best solution.

Tel.: +32 9 251 59 56